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Tips for both bathroom renovators and kitchen makeovers in Melbourne


Renovating a house can feel overwhelming, albeit exciting. Usually, renovations happen in stages, so that you can continue to live at your home, or so you can stage the process to manage budgets, trades people, council requirements and neighbours. 

Two of the most highly used rooms in the house – the bathrooms and kitchen – are key considerations for renovators. Bathroom renovators will know that there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to designing a new bathroom. A lot of these considerations are similar for kitchen makeovers in Melbourne

One of the top tips for both bathroom renovators and kitchen makeovers in Melbourne is that timing is key, followed by keeping in mind the similarities between the two rooms when you are designing your kitchen makeover. And finally, budget is essential for both bathroom renovators and kitchen makeovers in Melbourne so make finances your priority. 

Timing is everything for bathroom renovators and kitchen makeovers 

These two rooms are non-negotiable for a home, and often there are multiple bathrooms that need to be considered. While it may seem impractical for bathroom renovators to do the kitchen makeover at the same time, there’s actually a lot of benefit to combining the work. 

As the two rooms both require similar trades people – plumbers, electricians and specialists to install appliances – you can save time and money by coordinating the installation and fitting of both your bathroom and kitchen equipment on the same day. 

Keep in mind the similarities between bathroom renovations and kitchen makeovers 

Kitchen makeovers require similar things to bathrooms; they both need tiles, taps and storage cupboards. If you figure out where you can use the same kinds of tiles or taps in both rooms, it can save you money as you may be able to bulk purchase or do a deal with your supplier. 

If you’d prefer different tiles and taps for each room, you can still find efficiencies by ordering in bulk from the same supplier – so they can perhaps give you a discount for bulk ordering and they will also be able to deliver all of your supplies in one go, saving you money on shipping costs. 

You need a budget for both your kitchen makeover and your bathroom renovation 

Bathroom renovators know that kitchen makeovers in Melbourne can get expensive, as bathrooms have many of the same costs as kitchens. While both of these rooms can add significantly to your home renovation’s bottom line, there are similarities with the types of things you need to budget for both rooms and so there are some crossovers and simplifications you can make in your budget. Just don’t forget to have a contingency for both your kitchen makeover and bathroom renovation. 

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