Termite Control Tactics

Termite Control Tactics That Doesn’t Work


Did you realise that termite damage costs Australians annually over $4 billion? Nobody would like to fall into that statistic. These pests that eat wood are a concern since they travel swiftly and frequently without the property owner’s knowledge.

You must take care of a termite infestation as quickly as possible, and for some people, the first step is to consult the internet. There are various “do it yourself” options available for getting rid of termites, just like there are for a lot of other things in life. Is there any that actually works? Here, we examine a few of the most often used techniques and why these won’t save you against these pests.

If you have termites and don’t take the chance with DIYs, search for “local termites control Brisbane /near me” as soon as possible.

Now, let’s get on to the topic!

Here Are Four DIY Termite Treatment Approaches That Just Doesn’t Work:

Spot Treatment

Treating only particular areas of their houses is a mistake many homeowners make while seeking to get rid of a termite infestation. Even while some regions of your home might appear more sensitive to infestation than others, if you simply address those particular locations, the remainder of your house will remain exposed.

This is especially true for homeowners who have noticed signs of an infestation in some rooms but not in others of their houses. It doesn’t necessarily follow that termites aren’t there just because you can’t see any signs of them in other areas of the house.

In reality, when you cure a deteriorating region where termites are the cause, the survivors will seek safety in other, safe locations. DIY spot treatment could unintentionally make the infestation worse rather than better by spreading it.

As a general rule, if termites are discovered somewhere in your home, you may presume they have already made their way to other areas of the structure. And in order to get all the present termites at once, you would need to search for “termites pest control near me to inspect your whole property. Because you might lack the skill and the tools they use for the inspection process.


There is a lot of discussion regarding utilising “Beneficial Nematodes” to eradicate an entire termite population on a variety of websites and forums. If carried out properly, this treatment approach, in contrast to the earlier ones, will kill a significant percentage of termites.

But even though nematodes have the power to wipe out a significant portion of a termite population, there is no evidence that this course of treatment will always be successful. Even while they can be quite helpful, using nematodes alone to get rid of an infestation carries the danger of leaving termites alive so they can repopulate.

You should search for an “affordable termites specialist near me” and speak with a pest control expert before applying nematodes to your house.

One-Time Treatment

Another error that many homeowners make when dealing with termites is to have one treatment and assume that the issue has been resolved.

Even while the first major treatment will kill the majority of the termites present, there is always a potential that some may survive, especially eggs and nymphs. Even the most effective treatments might not completely eradicate all of the termites on your house at once.

Make careful to regularly examine your whole home for signs of termites to make sure there are no residual pests that might repopulate and cause further harm to your property. Additionally, think about hiring a reputable pest treatment company to thoroughly inspect your house for any evidence of a lingering infestation.

Sunlight Treatment

Some blogs may advise you to move specific pieces of wooden furniture and other items affected by termites outside so they can bake in the sun for a few hot days and destroy any termites within.

Even while this technique is effective, like nematodes, sunlight treatment alone won’t be enough to completely get rid of a termite infestation. The termites in your furniture will perish, but not the ones that are digging beneath and within your house.

To make matters worse, it’s possible that certain pieces of furniture won’t even be affected in the long run by UV treatment. The termites within will be eliminated, but if the piece of furniture is put back in its same spot, it will certainly be attacked once more in the future.

While applying a solar treatment can kill termites, you won’t really make any long-term progress toward completely getting rid of the infestation. Even though it might be a helpful technique to take into account, homeowners who want to permanently get rid of their termite infestation will need to utilise more than simply a solar treatment.

If you have been trying any of these methods for dealing with resilient termites, no wonder you still have termites. For better protection, it’s best to let the professional do the treatment. Google “termite solutions Brisbane/near me” and hire a suitable company near you.

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