21 plants to put in a bedroom


Why put plants in the bedroom?

Indoor plants, XXL or mini, in the bedroom can be beneficial . They can indeed help you if you suffer from insomnia , sleep apnea or have difficulty falling asleep . Indeed, some have soothing virtues , which promote sleep and purify the air . The smells of flowers and plants have strong effects on our nervous system, bringing calm and relaxation .

Which plants to favor in the bedroom?
We do not choose just any plants, but depolluting plants with soothing properties for our bedroom. Therefore favor plants such as gardenia , jasmine , hairy chlorophytum , lavender or even aloe vera ! In addition to decorating and beautifying your bedroom, these indoor plants will help you sleep better!

How to maintain indoor plants?

Watering indoor plants varies depending on the plant , but also on the light, humidity and temperature of the room . However, you can favor terracotta pots which allow the roots to breathe more , compared to plastic. This makes it possible to space out the waterings. Some plants will require water every two weeks. Others will prefer weekly watering. Never water when the soil is still wet . Too much water could kill your plant .

Which depolluting plants to choose for the bedroom?

Indoor plants are not only decorative , but have real soothing and health -promoting properties. Some act as depollutants , purifying the air and absorbing CO2 , but also benzene (from tobacco smoke), toluene (the solvent present in paints), xylene (detergents) or even formaldehyde found in glues and solvents. To have a depolluted interior, bet for example on gardenias , hairy chlorophytum , jasmine, lavender , or spathiphyllum (also called moonflower).

Mistakes to avoid with indoor plants in the bedroom

The main mistake to avoid when adopting a houseplant in the bedroom is to place it in the wrong place . Very often, it is not advisable to position a houseplant near a heat source such as a radiator. The plant could dry out and die precipitously . Preserve your plants by watering them properly and observing the substrate. If it is too dry, then it will need to be hydrated. But avoid excesses that could drown your green plant.

Discover 21 plants to put in a room!

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