strengthen the security of a front door

How to strengthen the security of a front door?


To reinforce a landing door in a building or the front door of a house, several solutions exist. Either way, the front door is a vulnerable area that burglars like to attack. The solidity of the door, the level of protection of the cylinder of the lock, but also the number of closing points are all points that can be reinforced to protect your home.

Install an armored door or armor your existing door?
Rather than reinforcing your front door, you can choose to replace it and have an armored door installed. It is a very effective anti-burglary door against burglaries. To strengthen the security of your home, you will have to choose between:

The shielding of the existing door;

And the installation of an armored door.
Be aware that to measure the resistance time of a front door to a break-in attempt, you must take into account the resistance time of its weakest element. Thus, if you choose to install a lock capable of resisting for 10 minutes, but the frame will only be able to hold out for 2 minutes, then the resistance time of your front door will be only 2 minutes.

If you choose to screen the current front door, you will not need to replace it. IZI by EDF network professionals will install what is called a door unit. Only certain elements of the door will be changed to ensure better resistance to break-ins.

A steel plate will be added and the current lock replaced. This solution is a less expensive alternative to installing an armored door , but will not offer you the same level of resistance.

Screening an existing door is also the best condominium solution when you cannot change your front door. Indeed, in buildings, the condominium rules generally provide for a single appearance for all the entrance doors of all the apartments in the building, for the sake of aesthetics.

Installing an armored door

The armored door offers almost total protection and a very high level of security. In addition, the armored door provides very good performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. This protection is allowed by the thickness of the door, but also the type of material used for its manufacture. An armored door can thus be made of steel, wood or metal.

By choosing to buy an armored door from a mono-brand supplier, you are opting for a door in which all the elements come from the same brand. This means that all elements of the door will have a similar degree of resistance to break-ins.

If you opt for a multi-brand supplier, the frames, the lock, the handle, the hinges and the other elements of the door will be manufactured by different companies. This second solution will offer you a wider range of choices for the composition of your armored door, especially in terms of the lock.

Why go through a professional for the installation of an armored door?
If you decide to invest in a high-performance solution to secure your home, we advise you to hire a professional to install an armored door. This is the only way to ensure that your front door is optimally reinforced.

The different solutions to strengthen your front door
The low-end cylinder of a door allows burglars to break into your home in just seconds. To avoid break-ins if you cannot replace your current door with a reinforced door, it is therefore important to reinforce all the weak points of your front door.

Thus, if you opt for the shielding of your door , the intervention of a professional will be necessary to identify the weak points of your front door. This identification operation will make it possible to target the sensitive points to be secured by optimizing expenditure.

Install a high security cylinder

If you want to add security to your current front door, the door cylinder is probably one of the first items to replace. To protect yourself against intrusions, opt for a high security cylinder and a good quality cylinder.

It is possible to add different locking points on a door, independently of the main lock . This solution makes it possible to reinforce your front door by multiplying the number of locks and therefore of locks to be forced in order to be able to enter the accommodation.

The downside is having to unlock and lock multiple locks on your door each time you arrive or leave. However, it is an effective solution.

Provide anti-pinch angles

If you do not want to replace your door, the installation of anti-pinch angles will be an excellent solution to increase the level of security in your home. Burglars will then not be able to pass tools between the frame and the door, such as a crowbar for example, to enter your home.

Burglars don’t just attack the locks on the front doors. Indeed, if they realize that it is resistant, they will look for another weak point at your front door. This may in particular be at the level of the hinges.

Install a high security lock: a 3-point, 5-point or 7-point lock
To reinforce the security of an entrance door against break-in attempts, an A2P certified lock is essential. This minimum level of security prevents the burglar from picking the lock, pulling it out or drilling it.

Choosing a cylinder guard

The more it protrudes from the door on the outside of your home, the more fragile a cylinder is. To protect it and enhance the level of security of your front door, it is important to opt for a quality cylinder guard.

By delaying the break-in as much as possible, you put the odds in your favor so that burglars abandon their attempt for fear of being spotted by you or by neighbours.

Be careful, never answer that you are not at home at the moment. Burglars usually have an excuse ready: they wanted to sell you something or offer you their services, etc.

Install a door opener

A door opener is a security system that allows you to verify the identity of the person at your door before opening it completely. This solution is particularly practical in apartments where it is impossible to install a peephole in compliance with the condominium regulations.

This mechanism is installed inside your home and prevents the door from opening completely. It helps to delay intrusions. A door guard takes the form of a simple chain or a more solid piece of metal fastened behind the door.

Install an electronic lock cylinder

Today, it is no longer necessarily necessary to lock your home with a key. It is also possible to opt for an electronic solution. In the buildings, the entrance doors of the apartments sometimes open with a digicode or a personal badge. This lock solution is also starting to appear on house front doors.

To enhance the security of your front door, it is possible to opt for an electronic lock. The cylinder must then be changed so that the electromagnetic pulse can work. For maximum security, you can also opt for a biometric module.

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In France, nearly 500,000 burglaries are recorded each year. This situation is worrying, especially if you have to leave your house or apartment to go on vacation. This is the perfect time for offenders to operate because they know the home is unoccupied. So to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to take preventive measures in order to anticipate burglaries that could occur in your absence. Generally, some people simulate their presence at home while others ask those around them to watch the house. However, there are several effective tricks that can complement these to permanently discourage thieves. Strengthen your home locks The doors and windows of your home are the main targets of burglars. To commit their offences, dishonest people obviously opt for breaking and entering. To deter them, reinforce the locks of all the doors of your home facing the outside by installing non-pickable locks. For the entrance, for example, replace your lock and its cylinder with a model from the Fichet brand , a brand known for the solidity of its equipment. Also call a locksmith for emergency repairs in the event of a slammed door before you leave. Besides, if this happens to you and you are stuck outside, do not leave your landing or porch. Indeed, if your door closes without being locked and your keys are inside the home, it is not safe, because thieves will use stratagems to open a slammed door and leave with the loot. Contact a locksmith specialist in emergency repairs who will do everything to solve your lock problem in record time. At the same time, this professional will be able to examine the condition of your doors and determine the ideal solution to guarantee the protection of your home and your property. Don't forget to have your windows and shutters checked by the craftsman. If you used to, avoid leaving your key under the flowerpot . Thieves can spot your ride and simply get in while you're away, without having to force it. Finally, if you don't want to lose your keys during your stay, remember to entrust them to someone you trust. The latter may even make unannounced visits to see if everything is in order. Protect your home with an alarm The alarm is a very effective way to protect your home against break-in attempts. You have the choice between classic devices and connected models . These are recommended in case you have to be away for a long time. There are also remote monitoring solutions such as home automation, to benefit from comfort and security . Thus, you can opt for a motorized wifi camera with an alarm. This surveillance device allows you to scan all corners of a room thanks to a horizontal and vertical rotation system. Using the built-in alarm and door opening sensor provided with purchase, this device will deter any intruder attempting to break into your home. Use a safe If you have valuable items that you want to preserve, using a safe hidden behind a piece of furniture or a painting is also an effective tip. This alternative comes in addition to the installation of an alarm system. In the absence of a safe, it is also possible to hide your valuables in ventilation systems, at the level of wall decorations or in your children's rooms. These unusual places turn out to be ideal hiding places to keep your valuables. Next post Reinforce the security of your home before the summer
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