Which material to choose for its mosaic

Which material to choose for its mosaic tile?


You must choose the material adapted to the room you are renovating and to your aesthetic desires.

Thickness and relief

First, pay attention to the thickness of the mosaic. This is what will determine the relief it will give to the piece.

Materials available
Photo of mosaic tile
The mosaic is available in various materials:

Glass and glass paste models are appreciated for their resistance to humidity and their ability to restore light. They are therefore suitable for the bathroom.
A natural stone mosaic can be treated to be waterproof. After treatment, it is suitable for damp rooms such as the bathroom.
For its part, mosaic tiles in porcelain stoneware or enamel are timeless.
The pebble tile create a Zen atmosphere.
Prefer a metallic mosaic , aluminum or stainless steel, in an industrial loft or a modern house. It will be ideal as a kitchen mosaic tile. Resistant to humidity and household products, it can be installed outside, in a summer kitchen for example. For more customization, go for a silver, copper, brass or gold finish.
Some models combine several materials, such as stainless steel and glass, or even marble and metal for an original decoration.

What shapes and styles of mosaic tiles should you choose?
Photo of the mosaic tile
The mosaic gives way to total creative freedom.

The decor is infinitely customizable to adapt to all types of interior.

Photo of a mosaic wall tile

Mosaic in integral or partial coating?

First of all, you will have to decide if you want to make a full or partial coating:

In integral covering, the mosaic will entirely dress the room: hammam to be tiled, shower…
In partial coating, it allows to have decorative touches here and there in certain spaces.
It can be a pattern, patchworks in a bedroom, a wall or floor inlay or even the personalization of a washbasin, a bathtub descent or a WC corner. It is also a very good way to replace the listels and to use the mosaic in the form of a frieze.

Next, determine the format of the mosaic tiles. These can be regular (round, rectangular or even flat) or form a sort of puzzle.


Choose one or more vibrant or more dramatic colors that give character to the room:

pastel tones in a classic interior;
turquoise blue in an exotic bathroom;
black in a contemporary apartment or for a worktop;
white in a rustic country house;
violet in a futuristic-looking room…

In terms of effects, here too you are in charge! Plain on an entire section of the wall, shaded to give volume to a small room, two-tone to bring a touch of fantasy, everything is allowed. Some tiles exist in different finishes (matte, shiny, iridescent, pearly, etc.) to bring an additional touch of aesthetics along a molding or skirting board.

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